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February 24, 2020
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If you're like most Americans, you'd like to have a whiter smile. In Eau Claire, WI, Dr. Christopher Poss helps many people achieve this goal through professional teeth whitening. Performed in the dental chair, whitening brightens yellow, shabby smiles by several shades of color at a time—read on to learn more.

The value of a smile

Your oral health is priceless, as is your smile appearance. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) says the vast majority of people react positively to a white, attractive smile. The opposite is true, as well: a dingy, defective smile harms both your self-esteem and professional/social relationships. What can you do to increase the impact of your smile?

Dollar for dollar, professional teeth whitening provides the most impact. In his Eau Claire, WI, office, Dr. Poss offers whitening to individuals who have healthy gums and teeth (no decay or gum disease), as well as sensible expectations for the results.

It's so easy

Once you are qualified through oral examination, your whitening treatment will take about an hour to complete. Dr. Poss installs a plastic dam to protect your lips and tongue from the concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel.

Over the next hour, you'll sit comfortably in the dental chair. The gel is applied one or more times, rinsed off, and re-done as needed. After the last application, you'll notice your smile is whiter by several shades—a breath-taking change.

Keep it dazzling

Most stains come from tobacco, dark beverages, such as coffee, tea, cola, or sports drinks, and plaque build-up from dark foods, such as curry, soy sauce, and berries of all kinds. So, to keep your newly whitened smile bright, limit your consumption of dark foods and drinks, rinse and brush after you consume them, and see Dr. Poss twice a year. His in-office exams and cleanings, combined with whitening touch-ups as needed, help you flash a fabulous smile indefinitely.

A no-hassle smile

Let Dr. Christopher Poss and his team give you the smile of your dreams. Call his office in Eau Claire, WI, today to set up your consultation: (715) 833-2223.